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The Rupa Book Of Great Suspense Stories & Snappy Surprises
The Rupa Book Of Great Suspense Stories & Snappy Surprises
Author : Ruskin Bond
Publisher : NA
Language : English
ISBN No. :
Availability : Available
No Of Pages : 418
The Book includes the following 2 Titles:

1) Snappy Surprises
Ruskin Bond has been collecting stories of mystery, suspense and the supernatural since he was a boy, and in this new anthology for Rupa he bring together many of his favourites. The Rupa Book of Snappy Surprises includes crazy sequences of events, hilarious and insidious 'perfect' crimes, and stunning revelations.

2) Suspense Stories
Mystery and terror lurk in the pages of these great suspense tales written by some of the masters of the short story during the last hundred years.

About The Author
Ruskin Bond, resident of Mussoorie, is a well-known writer of fiction and a raconteur par excellence. His Tales and Legends from India, Angry River, Strange Men, Strange Places, The Blue Umbrella, A Long Walk for Bina and Hanuman to the Rescue are also available in Rupa paperback. The Ruskin Bond's Children's Omnibus has been a firm favourite with young readers for several years. Ghost Stories from the Raj, The Rupa Book of Great Animal Stories, The Rupa Book of True Tales of Mystery and Adventure, The Rupa Book of Himalayan Tales and The Rupa Book of Great Suspense Stories are some of his recent books for Rupa.
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