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Warriors On The High Wire
Warriors On The High Wire
Author : Fiona Gilmore
Publisher : NA
Language : English
ISBN No. :
Availability : Available
No Of Pages : 264
The paperback edition of an influential book that demonstrates why nothing is as important as managing the brand if a company is to prosper in today’s economy. Based on interviews with 50 CEOs and key-decision makers from top companies around the world, Fiona Gilmore distils the essence of many of today’s leading brands. Those whose opinions and ideas were sought include: Michael Eisner (Disney), Giorgio Armani (Armani), Chris Gent (Vodafone), Jerry Tang (Yahoo!), and Allan Leighton (ASDA). The author, a leading brands expert and consultant, argues that the brand must be at the heart of the company if it is to succeed. Very often, however, companies fail to understand the importance of this maxim. But even the greatest brands sometimes lose their way and stumble. Gilmore reveals how and why this happens, and offers insights and ideas for creating value out of the company’s brand. Moreover, she provides guidance on the dilemmas faced by brand/marketing managers (the “brand warriors”) when it comes to trying to balance the demands of shareholders, management and consumers.
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