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Funda Of Mixology: What Bartending Teaches That IIM Doesnt
Funda Of Mixology: What Bartending Teaches That IIM Doesnt
Author : Mainak Dhar
Publisher : NA
Language : English
Availability : Available
No Of Pages : 150
The Funda of Mix-ology is a novel a young man who is not unlike many of us. After spending his youth in the pursuit of academic excellence and admission into the 'right' institutes, he joins a multinational firm after graduating from an IIM. A few years down the line, once the sheen of Day one jobs and hefty pay packets has worm off, he realizes that nothing he has learnt at IIM can prepare him for the stress and drudgery that characterize his day-to-day life. He finds himself thinking about work long after he has left office; finds that his schedule leaves him with little time and energy for his passions outside of work, and leaves him with little by way of a personal life. As he approaches his thirtieth birthday, he begins to wonder if there is any point to his life beyound competing in one rat race after another.
Contents :
An Ode to Ennui Lost in the Mob Reality Bites Fallen Angle Calm before the Storm Wanderer in a Strange Land The Place Where Memories Die Face in the Mirror Fl
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