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Book Name : Wind, Sand and Stars and Flight to Arras
Title :  Lots of introspection
Both 'Wind, Sand and Stars' and 'Flight to Arras' are autobiographical narratives, and the first one sets the stage for Antoine de Saint-Exupery's most memorable work, 'The Little Prince'. The wind, sand and stars, and a plane crash, you get the picture.The second is all about war and flying sorties and introspection, which can get depressing. In both works, the author has near-death experiences and examines life in detail. Both are award-winning works. The book I got was old and musty with pages turning from yellow to brown, adding a touch of antiquity to the book.
Testimonial 25-3-2022
The pleasure of reading is immense. The last two years were tough spending so much time on screen. The happiness one gets reading a book, physically holding and reading it curled up at your favorite place at home, has no bounds. My experience of utilizing CallLibrary has been since 2012 - the seamless service with a smile is noteworthy. we had to discontinue the services as we shifted to a far suburb of Ahmedabad. But they reached us out and are bringing a smile to all family members now with delivery to almost all new suburbs of Ahmedabad. The team led by Mr Yogesh is doing a great job of providing books on rental basis, physically.
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