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Tinkle - Nasruddin Hodja Rides Again !
Tinkle - Nasruddin Hodja Rides Again !
Author : Luis Fernandes
Publisher : NA
Language : English
ISBN No. :
Availability : InCirculation
No Of Pages : 96
Nasruddin hodja lived centuries ago but the stories told about him have a timeless appeal. Some of them make you laugh, others make you think, and a few leave you totally perplexed, you don't know whether nasruddin is being profoundly wise or profoundly foolish.  Here is one such story:  One day people saw him riding a donkey but seated with his back to the donkey's head. some boys were following him. When he was asked why he was riding the donkey backwards, he replied:  "I'm leading these boys to school and they're a mischievous lot! This way I can keep an eye on them on the way!" "Then why not ask them to walk in front of you?" asked a man. "Dont be absurd!" scolded nasruddin. I'm their leader. How can a leader follow his followers?  The stories in this book are taken from Tinkle archives and have all appeared in Tinkle magazine at some time or the other      Â
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