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Inspiring and optimistic ..... 
By AIKYA SHAH, 12/17/2013 7:58:06 AM
My rating : 3.5 / 5 I am a crazy Yuvraj Singh fan. I don't believe everything that media sketches of his character. But watching him on field, his interviews, his interactions during the match etc, for me, Yuvi was the naughty prankster child that did not grow up. Having read this book, my opinion of Yuvi took a U-turn. The book is good, especially inspiring if you are feeling low. I shall not hesitate to give it to any person who has been detected for Cancer and is feeling low. The book gives us a glimpse of Yuvi's life from his childhood, the pre World Cup moments, through the World Cup and then the struggle and finally the resurrection. I had thought that this book might contain all the dressing room gossips, but they were very few, actually in the appropriate amount, which was what required. After all it is about how to survive the cancer through the difficult chemo-therapy. This takes the majority of the book and rightly so. The other plus points: 1. Yuvi's own thoughts were reflected, freely. At no point did I feel this book was written to be a best-seller or to impress a particular audience. It was written to inspire and inspire, it did. 2. Like any other Indian, I cannot deny that I was looking forward to read incidents involving Sachin Tendulkar. (We do that, don't we?). But then again, this was about cancer and difficulties dealing with it. In a way it is good that he was mentioned the appropriate amount, neither more, not less. 3. It informs us about Cancer, chemo therapy and how to come out of negative thoughts. Previosly I had no idea it was this painful. I thought, Yuvi is rich, he shall walk through. I could not have been more wrong. !! Sorry Yuvi.! 4. Yuvi appreciating all those who helped him. Such positivism ! All his friends were mentioned. 5. Yuvi thinking about the not-so-privileged people suffering from Cancer. I started appreciating him more when I read the lines: "how will those who are not so rich, those who live in poverty, those who live in rural areas can fight cancer?". Guys, take a moment to step in Yuvi's shoes, be the star. If this thought flashes your mind, I can believe that India is moving towards the right path. This is because for superstars like Yuvraj, the thoughts that can occupy their minds are: "will I live? If I do, what about my career? Will I be able to attain as much popularity again?". Nothing wrong with these thoughts. But the thoughts of reaching out to others without resources, show that you are a leader, a role model. 6. This book has lots of Yuvi inspired pranks! I shall certainly employ them on my friends. Thank You Yuvi ! The negative points: The story timeline was not well edited. The story takes us back and forth like a Christopher Nolan movie. All in all it was a good book. Certainly I found a renewed image of Yuvi-the person. (Yuvi-the cricketer; for me, was , is and will always be my favourite). If you have friends or relatives suffering from such a disease, please ask them to read this book.
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