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Cheiro's Book Of Palmistry Numerology And Astrology
Cheiro's Book Of Palmistry Numerology And Astrology
Author : Cheiro
Publisher : NA
Language : English
ISBN No. :
Availability : InCirculation
No Of Pages : 224
In this introduction which constitutes a defense of Cheiromancy to collect the many facts both medical and scientific which can be brought forward to demonstrate that as the hands are the servants of the system so all that affects the system affects them. In following out the ideas of many famous mend on the subject of the nerve connection between the brain and the hand.

About The Author
Cheiro, greatest and most successful seer of modern times, retired from public life after forty years of continuous research work. For years he toured the cities of the world lecturing, teaching and encouraging.

For many years the true identity of Cheiro was carefully guarded secret. Only when he had reached the very peak of his profession did Cherio allow it to be known that he was Count Louis Hamon, a Norman nobleman whose ancestry could be traced back to the early days of the Norman French.

He was commanded to read the hands of many of the crowned heads of Europe, of presidents of republics and of leaders of commerce.

He predicted the date of Queen Victoria's death, the year and month when King Edward VII would pass away, the grim destiny that awaited the late Czar of Russia, the assassination of King Humbert of Italy, the attempt on the Shah's life in Paris, and in thousands of well-known persons' lives he foretold with equal accuracy the outstanding events of their careers.
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