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Irresistible Forces
Irresistible Forces
Author : Danielle Steel
Publisher : NA
Language : English
ISBN No. :
Availability : Available
No Of Pages : 414
Danielle Steel once again tackles the power of love in this moving tale of modern-day marriage. Steve, a gifted physician at a New York City trauma ward, and Meredith, a driven Wall Street investment banker, have successfully balanced their demanding work lives and passionate marriage for 14 years. When Meredith accepts a position at a glamorous San Francisco firm, causing the couple to withstand a long-distance marriage until he finds a job, a tidal wave of change and emotions tests the strength of their normally calm, loving relationship. As their time spent apart increases, both Steve and Meredith find that they are looking elsewhere for the companionship they once found in each other. Steve, eager to become a father, has forged a friendship with a colleague who is a single mother. Meredith, meanwhile, has fallen prey to her ever-growing ambition--and the charms of her new boss. Love, it seems, is not enough in this complicated, fast-paced world. Or is it? Steve and Meredith try to determine if the forces that bound them together can overcome those that are driving them apart.
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