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Figure It Out : The Ultimate Guide To Teen Fitness
Figure It Out : The Ultimate Guide To Teen Fitness
Author : Namita Jain
Publisher : NA
Language : English
ISBN No. :
Availability : Available
No Of Pages : 208
Who doesn’t want to look good? And what if you could also learn the secret to a healthy lifestyle?

Written by fitness expert Namita Jain, this indispensible handbook tells you how to Figure it Out will revolutionize the way teenagers look at health and fitness. So grab a copy and

Fight the fat
Rate your fitness quotient
Remodel your body
Build up stamina
Snack sensibly
Tackle body changes during puberty
Get the coveted 6-pack abs
Stay fit even if you hate exercising!

figure out what your body needs so you can look your best!

About the Author

Namita Jain is a highly respected authority in the wellness industry. She holds prestigious international certifications in several fitness-related disciplines and has been actively involved in the wellness space for over twenty years.

Inspired by fitness as a healthy lifestyle choice, Namita launched her brand, Jaldi Fit, now a rapidly growing name in fitness products and services. She has launched a fitness DVD, a Jaldi Fit fitness book for adults, and a Jaldi Fit kids book that guides parents on how to raise healthy children. Apart from this, she writes for various leading newspapers and magazines, on nutrition, exercise and other health-related topics.
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