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Plan Your Insurance - Life And Health
Plan Your Insurance - Life And Health
Author : Cnbc
Publisher : NA
Language : English
ISBN No. :
Availability : Available
No Of Pages : 140
When we decided to put together this ‘Best of Moneycontrol’ book on insurance, one thing was very clear. Insurance is never bought in India; it’s always sold. This book would aim to tell you how to buy insurance rather than ‘be sold’ insurance. The book equips you with fine tips that will ensure you never get taken for a ride while you buy insurance, because sometimes, the smaller things make the big difference.

Table Of Contents

1. Health Insurance Planning:-

a) Mediclaim save life first , Tax later
b) Critical illness Rider – What is it
c) Critical illness and mediclaim , the difference
d) Mutiple Mediclaim and Policies –Not worth it
e) Make a hassle free health insurance
f) Health Insurance +investment = Bad Comb0
g) Want Maternity Insurance

2. Life Insurance Planning

a) Life Insurance planning
b) ULIP versus Traditional Policies
c) Picking the best Insurance Policies
d) Ulips :- what your agent will tell you and why you should nt Listen
e) Is your insurance agent swindling you
f) Should you buy insurance from your bank
g) Return of Premium –do you really need it
h) Missed a premium? what to do
i) Reason what you shouldn’t surrender you insurance plan
j) Practical Sense : teach Your Nominee how to make claim
k) Insurance +investment +tax= Bad Combo

3. People’s Stories
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