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Invest Your Money - Stocks, Funds, Gold, Property
Invest Your Money - Stocks, Funds, Gold, Property
Author : Cnbc
Publisher : NA
Language : English
ISBN No. :
Availability : Available
No Of Pages : 294
Putting together a ‘Best of Moneycontrol’ book on investing didn’t seem like a challenging task initially. After all, over the years had built a rich bank of useful information. But as we began, we were up for a big challenge. There are plenty of handbooks and guides out there which tell you the basics about investing your money. We didn’t want to be another one. So we picked the smart information. This book will make sense of what lies in the fine print and tell you the tricks of investing.

Table Of Contents

1. Investing in equity markets

a) Reduce Equities Risk:- Diversify Portfolio
b) Understanding Risk versus Return to profit from equities
c) What should I know before investing in equity
d) For the young and restless, Equity rules
e) Equity Investing: Good Returns over Long Term Only
f) Bouncing back from your first big Loss
g) 4 Don’ts of Equity Investing
h) Rupee Cost Averaging. How it will help you
i) I Sold Shares; do I pay tax?

2. Investing in Fixed income investments

a) Investing in Fixed Deposits
b) Why Invest in bank deposit
c) Making the most out of your saving the flexi deposit way
d) What is a company fixed deposit
e) Central govt State, State Govt and Public sector undertaking bound
f) Small Saving / Postel Saving
g) Prodident Fund is for retirement , Don’t Withdraw till then
h) The Little know voluntary Provident Fund
i) The best way to invest in the Gold
j) All The best debt Mutual Fund

3. Mutual Funds

a) Beginners Guide to Mutual Fund
b) How to Start Investing
c) Start Investing with as little as 500
d) Mutual Fund : Should I choose I Growth or dividend
e) NAV in Red: Should I Sell My MF?
f) Should I Stop my SIP
g) Best investment today : ETF
h) What you Not Believe about NFO or New Fund Offer
i) Which Mutual Fund is best for you

4. Home Buying

a) First home readiness check
b) Question Time
c) Buy the same house for less: Bargaining Tips
d) Loan check
e) Home Upgrade
f) Real estate as Investment
g) Things to watch out for while buying property
h) Society Matter
i) Why co-ownership Make Sense
j) To Take a loan or buyout of own fund
k) My Story : Property of Investment

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