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Children - 10 - 14 Age>> Series - Enid Blyton
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The Rockingdown Mystery
The Rockingdown Mystery
Author : Enid Blyton
Publisher : NA
Language : English
ISBN No. :
Availability : Available
No Of Pages : 294
Roger, Diana and Snubby are off to Rockingdown village with Miss Pepper. They are not very happy to hear that they are to be tutored in the holidays. But when the tutor meets with an accident, they get a new person who doesn't really seem like a tutor. Here, they befriend a circus boy, Barney and his monkey Miranda. When Barney begins to sleep in Rockingdown Manor, he sees shadows and hears sounds. Most surprisingly, the shadow is none other than Mr King,the tutor. Slowly, the truth begins to unfold in front of the childrens eyes. Is Mr King involved in the plot? Is he really who he claims to be?
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