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Great Lives Vol-2
Great Lives Vol-2
Author : Ajaykumar Kothari
Publisher : NA
Language : English
ISBN No. :
Availability : Available
No Of Pages : 109
World-famous Series 101 Great Lives (vol.2)

One in a series of three books, world-Famous 101 Great Lives is a compact reference guides for students, teachers, parents and laypersons alike. Covering an array of kaleidoscopic personalities from artists, author, scientists, scholars, spiritual masters, mystics, politicians, philosophers, sportspersons, singers, statesmen, explores, royalty, film stars, great thinkers and other renowned personalities, this book is a must read and must-have for individuals as well as institutions.

With a fair sprinkling of Indian and foreign and characters, these 101 concise portraits present crucial vignettes of each person's life in a simple, down-to-earth manner. Informative, interesting and indispensable for lovers of knowledge, this is the kind of unputdownable book that you will savour from cover to cover at one sitting.

The next time your teacher or your child asks about Ching Chow, Chou En-Lai or Jean-Paul Sartre, you need not be flummoxed for facts , figures or words. Simply turn to the relevant volume of Wold-Famous 101 Great Lives and you will soon be looked upon as a walking, talking encyclopaedia!

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