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Chicken Soup for the Kid's Soul
Chicken Soup for the Kid's Soul
Author : Jack Canfield
Publisher : NA
Language : English
ISBN No. :
Availability : Available
No Of Pages : 398
Designed specifically for kids on the verge of becoming preteens, this collection features true, character-building stories that exemplify acceptance, honesty, responsibility, kindness, and forgiveness, among other traits. Includes custom-created cartoon strips.

Today's kids face grave issues and harder decisions than ever before. Gang warfare, violence, drugs, alcohol, smoking, pregnancy, depression and suicide have found their way into middle and elementary schools. Divorce splits apart families every day. These issues make kids feel as if they must understand and accept all the troubles of the world.
Now more than ever, kids want and "need" the inspiration and hope that "Chicken Soup for the Soul" provides. In this special volume, young readers will find empowerment and encouragement to love and accept themselves, believe in their dreams, find answers to their questions and discover hope for a promising future.
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