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Death Benefit
Death Benefit
Author : Robin Cook
Publisher : NA
Language : English
ISBN No. :
Availability : Available
No Of Pages : 496
Pia Grazdani is a fourth year medical student. Dr. Tobias Rothman, who is a molecular biologist, picks her to be his research assistant. The research work involves growing whole human organs from stem cells.

Meanwhile, there are others with vested interests who would not like to see this happen, especially a couple of financial whiz-kids who hope to make a good deal of profit out of insurance policies acquired from critically ill patients. Due to the research, when it seems that these patients could have a chance of recovery, trouble crops up.

Dr. Rothman and one of his main research colleagues die suddenly due to an infection. They are believed to have been infected by the strain of Salmonella they were using for purposes of research. Pia, who knows the two researchers, refuses to believe that they would be so careless with lab samples and decides to investigate.

Helped by her friend George Wilson, Pia decides to trace back the events that led to the death of Dr. Rothman and his colleague. Their investigation reveals secrets that place their own lives in danger. Apart from the issue of stem cell research, its potentials, and the ethical aspects of the insurance industry, this book also delves into the darker side of foster care through the story of Pia.

Death Benefits hence makes yet another thrilling medical fiction.

About Robin Cook

Robin Cook is a doctor and writer who is widely regarded for his works. He is well known for coining the term ‘medical thriller’.

A few of his other novels include Coma, Fever, Mindbend, Godplayer, Fatal Cure, Terminal, Shock, and Intervention.

When his novel, Coma, became a phenomenal success, he followed it up with more stories that revolved around crime in the medical industry. His novels explore different themes like fertility treatment, organ donation, funding for research, genetic engineering, and stem cell research.

Dr. Robin Cook was born in New York City. He studied medicine in reputed medical schools such as Wesleyan University and Columbia University College Of Physicians And Surgeons. He was also drafted into the US Navy in the year 1969 and was discharged in 1971. Till date, he has sold more than 100 million books.
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