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Venus on Fire Mars on Ice: The Key to Life, Love, and Energy
Venus on Fire Mars on Ice: The Key to Life, Love, and Energy
Author : John Gray
Publisher : NA
Language : English
ISBN No. :
Availability : Available
No Of Pages : 253
Once again John Gray uses his signature insight into relationship dynamics to help Martians and Venusians not only understand and accept their differences, but grow in love and under-standing while improving the quality of their lives.

Some recent and very exciting scientific discoveries have proven that the differences between the sexes and how they relate tenor another are biochemically based, and can be explained by... our hormones!

John provides simple tips and the practical knowledge you need to ensure a steady supply of feel-good hormones for you and your partner.

Venus on Fire Mars on Ice provides groundbreaking insight into:

The unique ways that each gender deals with stress.
How the stress hormones harm our health and complicate our ability to relate to one another.
The important role of "superfoods" and good nutrition in replenishing hormones.
Why menopause and "man-oipause"-- don't have robe the relationship stressors they currently are.
How balancing our blood sugar is intricately connected to balancing our hormones.
How achieving hormonal balance will not only improve our relationships bat give us the strength and energy to cope with the challenges of our modern lifestyles.

In Venus on Fire Mars on Ice, John Gray shares essential elements of wellness, happiness, and lasting passion, revealing the keys to natural health and restoring vitality.
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