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Love, Life And Dream On
Love, Life And Dream On
Author : Animesh Verma
Publisher : NA
Language : English
Availability : Available
No Of Pages : 125
The quintessence of Love, Life and Dream on is to make us believe in our dreams. Its about the details of those our lives which we do not care about, but they turn out to be the faded dots on the canvas of our life, which are required to complete the picture. The story unfolds with few students who are in search of themselves which I must say is the beginning of a life long romance. They want to dream but the dreams fade away with the realization of the rationality life has taught them. Aniket falls in love at first sight and what followed was a romantic journey of a young lad trying to woo his lady.Will these friends win the game of life and dream... What will happen when dream meets fate, fate meets friendship and love caste its magic on everyone...Come with me and revisit your friends, love and dream which has not been achieved by you until now
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