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World Passport For Global Managers
World Passport For Global Managers
Author : Walter Vieira
Publisher : NA
Language : English
Availability : Available
No Of Pages : 168
World Passport is a concise guide to navigating successfully in the global village. Technical knowledge and managerial skills are essential. But they are not enough. You need a high order of human skills. And experts in international business admit that success in managing people in different continents and building relationships and trust, depends on Business Etiquette. It is therefore worth spending time and trouble to learn more about Business Etiquette. World Passport is only an introduction. World Passport may motivate you to read more, observe more, and learn more, about the different ways in which people do things and how they are different from ours. And help you to behave appropriate in varied situations always with the theme – ‘show consideration for others’. Business Etiquette can then be connected to Business Success – especially on the global platform – because Manners maketh the businessman.
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