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Oliver's Story
Oliver's Story
Author : Erich Segal
Publisher : NA
Language : English
Availability : Available
No Of Pages : 310
The extraordinary "New York Times" bestselling sequel to "Love Story" is now repackaged for a new generation. It's been two years since Jenny's death, and Oliver Barrett IV feels he'll never love again--should never love again. Then one day while jogging in Central Park, he meets a beautiful, mysterious woman. (July)

Oliver Barrett IV found the love of his life in Jenny Cavilleri. And though the time they spent together was brief, it was enough to last a lifetime. Or so Oliver told himself. Living without her for two years now, he still believes he will never love again. Until the day he meets a beautiful and mysterious woman, and suddenly the future seems very different than Oliver thought it would be.The tale of one man's journey out of the lonely darkness of heartbreak into the warm embrace of love, this moving and beautiful sequel to "Love Story" will capture your heart as only Erich Segal can.
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