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First Day First Show
First Day First Show
Author : Anupama Chopra
Publisher : NA
Language : English
ISBN No. :
Availability : InCirculation
No Of Pages : 400
For more than a hundred years now, Indians have watched movies made in the subcontinent, sung the songs and gossiped about the stars. Bollywood has been a passion, a popular tradition and a shared national conversation. In recent decades, as India has experienced economic and social change, both the film industry and the entertainment it produces have transformed themselves as well.

First Day First Show is Anupama Chopra's guide to this dazzling world of lights, cameras and stars but also to its shadowing darkness. She takes us into the lives of the stars and into the struggles of those who never make it to centre stage; she lets us participate in the making of legendary hits like Sholay and Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge and also the hard-won successes of independent film-makers; she shows us the glamour as well as the murky links with the underworld. There is also the odd story of the royal bodyguard of Bhutan who became a scriptwriter; of the embarrassed Pakistani soldiers at Wagah border who did not allow their favourite Indian superstars to shoot.

About the Author
Anupama Chopra has lived in and written about the Mumbai film industry for the last twenty years. Her articles, written during a crucial phase in post-Independence India, bring Bollywood alive for the reader; they are not only a study of an industry but also a tribute to a nation's obsession.
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